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Nintendo Dual Screen

Repair parts and accessories for Nintendo Dual Screen (NDS, DS Lite, DSi, DSi XL, 2DS, 3DS, 3DS XL, New Nintendo 3DS, New Nintendo 3DS XL, New Nintendo 2DS XL)

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D2B/D2C/DMS DVD Drive for WII D2B/D2C/DMS DVD Drive for WII

D2B/D2C/DMS DVD Drive for WII

Price zł100.00

This is a Wii DVD drive replacement D2B model, these drives like all Wii drives can be used in any Wii console from around the world, its just a case of taking out the old drive and installing this D4 drive replacement. If your Wii has stopped reading your discs and it’s not a laser problem you can replace your old drive with this Wii D2B replacement drive. 

Nintendo 2DS motherboard

Nintendo 2DS motherboard

Price zł300.00

This is the official Nintendo mainboard for the 2DS. If it is completely dead, or is suffering from firmware failures then this is the replacement part that will need to restore your 2DS to working order.